How do you help your organization change? Through science fiction, cartoons, behavioral economics, and neuroscience prototype testing.

"Many leaders struggle to lead disruptive change. Leading Transformation provides new tools to overcome the old hurdles to success"

- Clayton Christensen


"There has never been a more important time for organizations to prepare for the future, and this book is an indispensable guide for how to do it."

- Peter Diamandis

Read the first and only, highly acclaimed textbook on neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience.

"(...) you need to add this ebook to the top of your reading list right away"

- Stephen Genco


"(...) a superb outline of neuromarketing’s neuroscience foundations as well as some of the recent exciting developments in this field."

- Prof. Richard Silberstein

Selected articles


Plassmann, Ramsøy Milosavljevic (2012). Branding the brain: A critical review and outlook Journal of Consumer Psychology


Ramsøy & Overgaard (2004) Introspection and subliminal perception. Phenomenology & the cog. sci.


Ramsøy & Skov (2014) Brand preference affects the threshold for perceptual awareness J Consumer Behavior

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